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I’m not an entrepreneur…

My background in tech and social media has made me hate the word entrepreneur and start-up. They are buzz words to me now, I never wanted to be an entrepreneur, it wasn’t one of my goals. People would always ask me when I was going to start something of my own, well guess what, I have! 

As much as I hate to admit it, Simply Curated makes me an entrepreneur. Last year I really started to take Simply Curated seriously as a business, it’s not easy by any means but there is something so fulfilling in making something new out of something old and having people enjoy it. 

The holiday season was awesome and it was a great learning experience. I loved being at Artists & Fleas and being able to meet my customers. With the new year upon us I decided to take the risky plunge of having a permanent space at Artists & Fleas in Willamsburg. I’ve partnered with another awesome seller and together we have created a little store within Artists & Fleas that feels really cohesive. I’m sure the space will evolve over time, but I have been loving where it’s going so far. 

My goals for 2013 are to really take the candle making part of the business to the next level. I will be using Kickstarter to help me get the candles into retail stores and hopefully grow that part of the company into something more sustainable. 

I’ve found amazing vintage glassware patterns to make candles out of and I can’t wait to share what I have in the works right now. 

Also, keep an eye out for new curated decor items on the site, and come visit me at Artists & Fleas to see the products in person. 


great table for an entryway that wooden hexagonal sidetable chests! I'm in the market for a chair

I will be going to few estates sales this morning. If you are in the market for a specific piece, please let me know.

These are some of the pics that interested me from these sales, you never know if any of the stuff will actually be there when you get there, but it’s worth a shot.