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something special from oh joy! and introducing blog inc.

Four years ago, I started a food blog and joined Twitter because it seemed to me that more and more people were chatting on it, and I didn’t want to miss the conversation. I found that I quite enjoyed ‘tweeting’ and loved when someone would respond to something I’d said. I liked saying “good morning suns!” and “good night moons” to people who were technically strangers, but who I engaged with as friends. 

One of the “strangers” was Joy Deangdeelert Cho of Oh Joy! who, unprompted by me, shared my Stupidly Simple Snacks videos with her growing Twitter following. And when I put forth random questions like: “New gourmet site emailed asking to use my photo of foie gras. Thoughts?” Like a big sister, she vehemently replied “Never give away your work for free.”

It was advice I took to heart and it continues to help me navigate the grey areas that come with creating content and sharing online today.

In many ways, Joy has helped me grow as a blogger and professional in the social media field. (I even, like, work in it.) Which is why I was over-the-moon excited when Joy reached out last year regarding a book she was writing on blogging… and wanted to interview me for it.

Flipping through the pages, you’ll find the nuts and bolts to starting your own blog, in-depth exploration of how different creators have grown their web presence and following, and thoughtful interviews with the people behind widely known blogs like Rockstar Diaries, From Me To You and Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Blog, Inc. is now available on Amazon and, this fall, Joy will visit 5 cities across the US to share her new book with readers. (See book tour dates.

And… drum roll please… tomorrow, Joy will be participating in Levo League Office Hours, a LIVE 30-minute video chat to talk about blogging and business. Levo League is an online social network aimed at connecting young professional women with job listings, career advice, and mentors. (FYI… I work with the Levo League team, and love them.) I hope you tune in tomorrow, Thursday September 13th, at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific.

To celebrate and thank Joy in my own small way, I will randomly pick two Amy Blogs Chow readers who reblog this post to receive a copy of Blog, Inc.

Joy’s following has grown exponentially over the years, but she has stayed the same. Ever gracious, warm, engaging, open and honest. She is a role model who creates, inspires, and, luckily for us, is naturally adept at sharing her experiences and great taste across the web.

Get “Blog, Inc. : Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community” here.

I’m very excited for this book. Glad to see so many good friends featured in it. 


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